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Results dashboard

Track the gainers and losers each quarter in terms of revenue or net profit by looking into top-line growth, profitability, quarterly earnings and a year-on-year comparison.

Mar-24 YOY Comparison

Revenue Growth


EBDIT Growth


Operating Profit Growth

  • Positive - 1560
  • Negative - 1117
  • Neutral - 76

YoY Revenue Growth

YoY Net Profit Growth

YoY Operating Profit Growth

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In case an investor wishes to view the results of any company declaring a quarterly share result with regard to sales and revenue, they can view a result dashboard on Research 360. After logging into the portal, you may click on the “Result Analysis” tab. Once you get into this dashboard, it is possible to view a range of the results of any company. The sectors are shown for you to choose from, as well as the companies that have reported positive growth and negative results. Investors using this operation may also see stock market results of those companies listed on popular benchmark indices like the NIFTY 50 and the NIFTY 500 specifically. Besides this, you can go into other screens from this dashboard and view “Recent Results” as well as opt to view a “calendar” of results of companies.

If you want to check the stock results of any group, you can easily do so as you can either choose the “All stocks” option on the dashboard, and you can see results of all the stocks listed on the exchange, or base your choice of results from benchmark indices. Once you are on the homepage of Research 360, just click on Result Analysis and you are good to go.

It is possible for you to track any company’s result in terms of profits, revenues and operating profits with a year-on-year consideration by selecting particular indexin which that company falls or you can apply filter. In this way, you can track company results.

Once you are on the Result Analysis dashboard of Research 360, you can go to the “Recent Results” to keep a watch on any recently declared stock results. NSE and BSE stocks are listed for you to find the results of stocks you wish to view.

On the “Result Analysis” dashboard, there is a choice for you to view any share result from any index, like the NIFTY 50 and the NIFTY 500. These tabs appear on the upper left corner of the “Overview” screen.

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