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The process through which companies issue their shares to the public for the first time is known as the Initial Public Offering (IPO). Investing in IPOs may be a good way to get in on the wealth creation process early.

Find out all about open, upcoming and recently listed IPOs and their various key details in this section.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An IPO stands for “initial public offering”. When a privately held company wishes to raise money and be listed as a public company on a stock exchange, it offers its shares to the public. This is known as an initial public offering which is done when individuals subscribe to get a number of \ the company's shares allotted to them. You can find the latest IPO on Research 360, under the IPO tab.

An adult who is eligible to enter an official contract may invest in an IPO. Individuals who qualify as retail investors, anchor investors, high-net worth investors, or institutional investors are allowed to look at an IPO listing and invest in any upcoming IPO.

The duration from which the IPO is launched for the public to subscribe to it until the last date before which the subscription must be done is called the “subscription period”. This is a limited period in which the IPO issue must be subscribed to by the public.

A company launches an IPO as a way to increase its capital. In case a company wishes to grow in terms of equity, or private shareholders want to pull out of a company’s shareholding, an IPO may be launched. On Research 360, any upcoming IPO may be viewed in the “IPO” tab.

Before investing in a stock, an investor will likely do some research to know whether the stock is worth investing in. Investors may look at the past performance of a stock, or a company’s performance in terms of growth, before making a stock investment of a company. It is the same with any latest IPO. Investors looking to invest will do research on the fundamentals of a new company before the listing date and in advance of subscribing to an IPO.

The SEBI, or the Securities and Exchange Board of India regulates the process of an IPO. The IPO is initially registered with SEBI. Then the IPO is approved by the Securities and Exchange Board of India. Then, the company which is due to generate an IPO issue decides on its share price and the amount of shares to be offered. After a procedure of IPO valuation, the company’s stock is open for offer to the public.

An IPO of a company which falls in the category of an “SME”, or a small or medium enterprise, is known as an SME IPO.

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