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Sector Analysis

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To put it simply, the economy comprises several sectors of industry, like the telecom sector, the agricultural sector, the finance sector, etc. You can find sector-wise stocks to invest in the stock markets too. Technically, sector analysis refers to an evaluation of the financial and economic state of any sector in a country. A sector-wise stock list, with performance indicators, can give investors a broad view of the prospects of sectors in the economy.

On Research 360, once you click on the “Markets” tab, you can click on “Sector Analysis”. You will first see an overview of sectors in the share market, and also the performance shown, sector-wise.

When you click on the “Sector Analysis” tab, by first clicking on the “Markets” tab, you get an overview of sectors in the Indian stock market. Through this general perspective, you come to know about stocks performing well due to the general promising sectoral performance. You can click on any sector and find out about individual stock performance aligned with the sector you choose. The display of an individual sector-wise stock list helps you select the best stocks.

While looking at sector-wise performance in the Indian stock market, advances and declines refer to the number of advancing and declining stocks that provides insight into the breadth of market movements. A higher number of advancing stocks compared to declining stocks suggests a bullish market sentiment, while a larger number of declining stocks may indicate bearish sentiment. On Research 360, you get an idea of these advances and declines as you can look under the Sector and Industry analysis.

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