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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

Powered by Motilal Oswal, Research 360 is a unique platform designed to provide traders and investors with all of the information and data they need to make well-informed trading and investment decisions. From detailed market views and comprehensive stock analysis to fundamental and technical research and advice, the platform is a one-stop solution for stock market research.

Research 360 offers a host of tools and features dedicated to helping traders make the right decisions. A few of the advantages that traders get to enjoy by using the platform include real-time market updates, comprehensive analytics tools that cover multiple data points across trading segments, detailed financial result analysis and stock calls backed by the experienced Motilal Oswal Research team.

Research 360 provides a plethora of tools to assist traders in the technical analysis of multiple assets ranging from stocks to futures and options. Some of the technical analysis features of the platform are bullish and bearish candlestick screeners, trading volume and delivery screeners, technical indicator screeners, comprehensive open interest charts and detailed option chains for all derivative contracts.

The stock screeners available on Research 360 provide a systematic and efficient way to filter through a vast universe of stocks based on the selected criteria. Investors can even create a custom list of multiple screeners that can filter stocks and display the ones that match their chosen criteria. By providing investors with the freedom to select and modify their screening criteria, Research 360’s stock screeners play a vital role in the development of investment strategies.

Yes. You can find plenty of detailed tutorials and guides including informative educational videos on Research 360 and its various features on the Research 360 website. You can also visit the official Research 360 YouTube channel or Instagram profile for comprehensive, step-by-step video tutorials on the different tools available on the platform.

Yes. Research 360 can be accessed on mobile devices either through the web browser or the dedicated smartphone app. The Research 360 app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store respectively.

Yes. Research 360 offers up to 34 different fundamental stock screeners across eight metrics such as shareholding, promoter pledge, profitability, leverage, cash flow, revenue, valuation and dividend.

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Take your research to the next level.
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