Multiplier Portfolio

Portfolio of small and midcap stocks that are likely to show exponential growth over the long term

The multiplier portfolio is a concentrated yet well diversified portfolio of midcap and smallcap stocks.

These are stocks that are likely to be winners of tomorrow, and hence hold the promise of significant wealth creation in the times to come.

Capital Allocation

We look for companies with a superior track record of capital allocation. Additionally, Excellent corporate governance and strong sustainable competitive advantages ensure that we identify winners.

Low coverage of mid and smallcaps

Analyst coverage of mid and smallcap stocks is much lower than large caps. This gives the fund manager an edge in spotting good businesses early and generating higher alpha.

Favourable cyclical upturn

Small and midcaps tend to perform in extremes and revive sharply after bouts of negative returns. After the correction in small caps in the last 3 years, we expect a significant revival in performance


Min Amount to Invest(₹) ₹43,491
CAGR +36.03%
Current value of 100 invested since would be
Teji Mandi Multiplier
Equity Smallcap

Past performance doesn't guarantee future returns.

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