NSE Q4 FY24 Results

NSE Q4 FY24 Results

The Q4 results for various companies listed on the NSE and the BSE are being declared this month. Discover the companies that underperformed or outperformed.
29 Apr, 2024 10:00am


The new financial year 2024-25 has begun on a good note for the stock markets. However, for investors with a long-term outlook, these months also mark an important period — when companies announce their Q4 results. These results may also be of significance for traders who may wish to capitalise on the short-term stock price movements of the companies that declare their financial results. 


In this article, we explore the Q4 results of some of the top companies listed on the NSE and the BSE. 


BSE and NSE Q4 Results: The Outperformers

Overall, the BSE and NSE Q4 results have been stellar for many companies. Most of the top companies in different sectors have recorded high profits and consistent growth. If you are looking for new stocks to add to your watchlist, the following companies, which have given good Q4 results, may be worth considering. 


  • Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited (IREDA)

IREDA, an Indian public sector company established in 1987, offers financial assistance to renewable energy initiatives in the country. On April 19, the company declared its stellar Q4 results, revealing rising revenue and profits. In terms of revenue, IREDA recorded a rise of over 34% — from Rs. 1,036.32 crore in Q4 FY23 to Rs. 1,391.64 in Q4 FY24. 


Its net profits also rose by 33%, from Rs. 253.62 crore in Q4 FY23 to Rs. 337.38 crore in Q4 FY24. Due to its consistently reliable financial performance, IREDA has delivered returns of over 402% since its debut on the bourses in November 2023. 


  • Jio Financial Services Limited

Founded in 1999 and listed on the NSE and the BSE in August 2023, Jio Financial Services has been an investor-favourite for many months now. The company was originally floated as a subsidiary of Reliance Industries but later took on an independent identity. Its Q4 results, declared on April 19, revealed rising consolidated and standalone profit after tax (PAT). 


The NBFC’s consolidated net profits grew by 5.72% — from Rs. 293.82 crore in the previous quarter to Rs. 310.63 crore in the fourth quarter of FY24. The standalone PAT also grew from Rs. 71 crore in the previous quarter to Rs. 78 crore in Q4 FY24.


  • Bajaj Auto Limited

Bajaj Auto is one of India’s leading automobile manufacturers. The company focuses on manufacturing scooters, motorcycles and auto rickshaws. The company announced its Q4 results on April 18 and reported a jump in its revenue and net profits. 


The automaker’s consolidated net profit grew to Rs. 2,011 crore in Q4 FY24 from Rs. 1,704.74 crore in Q4 of the previous year — marking an 18% jump. Its total income also grew by nearly 30% — from Rs. 9,192.73 crore in Q4 last year to Rs. 11,914.94 crore in Q4 this year. The rise in revenue can be attributed to the commercial vehicle and electric three-wheeler segments. 


  • Infosys Limited

Consulting and IT services giant Infosys has been one of the top IT stocks to watch this year. Its BSE and NSE Q4 results have further cemented the company as a leader in its sector. In the last quarter of FY24, Infosys reported a net profit of Rs. 7,969 crore — marking a jump of 30% from a net profit of Rs. 6,128 crore in Q4 last year. 


The IT giant’s consolidated revenue also grew from Rs. 37,441 crore during Q4 FY23 to Rs. 37,923 crore in this financial year’s last quarter. However, despite the rise in profits, the company’s quarterly results fell short of the market’s expectations. This led to a drop of 3% in the company’s share price after its Q4 results were announced.


  • HDFC Bank 

HDFC Bank is India’s largest private sector banking entity in terms of its assets. Furthermore, in terms of its market capitalisation, the company is the sixth-largest bank in the world. In the last quarter of the financial year 2023-24, the bank delivered stellar results. 


Its standalone profit grew from Rs. 16,373 crore in the previous quarter to Rs. 16,512 crore in the current quarter. Its net interest income (NII) also jumped to Rs. 29,080 crore in Q4. Other green flags in the company’s Q4 results include a higher provision for potential bad loans and stable lending margins. In addition to these positive results, investors in the bank also had another reason to rejoice — which is that the bank declared a dividend of Rs. 19.5 per share of Re. 1 for FY24.


  • Just Dial Limited

Just Dial Limited declared its Q4 results on April 17. The results were positive overall and clocked in rising revenue and profitability. The company’s top line grew by over 16% year-on-year — from Rs. 232.53 crore in last year’s fourth quarter to Rs. 270.27 crore in Q4 this year. 


The profit also rose by over 38% from Rs. 83.6 crore in Q4 FY23 to Rs. 115.74 in Q4 FY24. Due to these positive financial outcomes, over 50% of analysts have given a buy rating for the Just Dial stock.


  • ICICI Securities Limited

Brokerage service provider ICICI Securities also declared excellent Q4 results on April 18. Its profit after tax (PAT) doubled year-on-year — from Rs. 263 crore in the fourth quarter last year to Rs. 537 in the fourth quarter this year. The company’s revenue also increased steeply from Rs. 885 crore in Q4 FY23 to Rs. 1,544 crore in Q4 FY24 — clocking in a jump of 74%. 


ICICI Securities also recently declared an interim dividend for the second time this year, at Rs. 17 per share — taking the total dividend declared this year up to Rs. 29 per share. While these numbers may be encouraging, investors should be mindful of ICICI Securities’ plan to delist from the bourses and merge with its parent company ICICI Bank.  


BSE and NSE Q4 Results: The Underperformers

While most top companies recorded moderate to substantial profits in their Q4 results, some entities also recorded losses. If you are tracking the BSE and NSE Q4 results, it’s important to also be aware of these companies and the losses they posted. This way, if you hold these stocks in your portfolio, you can decide whether you want to retain or redeem them. 


  • Hindustan Zinc

Hindustan Zinc, established in 1966, is the world’s second-largest and India’s largest producer of integrated zinc. The company is a subsidiary of Vedanta Limited and is listed on the NSE and the BSE. Despite its industry-leading presence, Hindustan Zinc’s Q4 results revealed declining revenue and shrinking profits. 


In the last quarter of this financial year, the company’s profit shrunk by over 21% year-on-year to Rs. 2,038 crore (when compared with a profit of Rs. 2,583 crore in Q4 last year). The zinc producer’s revenue also fell by over 11% to Rs. 7,549 crore (from Rs. 8,509 in Q4 last year). 


  • Surana Solar Limited

An upcoming player in the green energy sector, Surana Solar is a part of the prestigious Surana Group. The company’s primary business areas include solar energy and wind energy. However, its financial Q4 results were less-than-satisfactory this year — with the company’s revenue dropping by nearly 50% when compared with Q4 of the previous year. 


In addition to declining revenue, the company also recorded a loss to the tune of Rs. 15 lakh in its Q4 results. This is also a sharp decline from the profits of Rs. 25 lakh that Surana Solar reported in Q4 last year. That said, the company has consistently delivered positive returns to investors — clocking in over 88% returns in the previous 6 months and over 31% year-on-year returns.


  • Network18 Media & Investments Limited

Network18 is a media giant owned by Reliance Industries. The company’s primary line of business includes services like digital media, broadcasting, mobile content and more. On April 18, Network18 declared its Q4 results — revealing that its revenue grew by over 63% year-on-year and by over 36% from the previous quarter.


That said, despite its rising revenue, the media giant clocked in a significant loss to the tune of over Rs. 95 crore in this quarter. When compared with the previous quarter, the company’s Q4 loss grew by over 65%. Additionally, the loss has also increased by over 160% year-on-year. 


  • TV18 Broadcast Limited

TV18 Broadcast, owned by the Network18 Group, also recorded a loss in Q4 FY24. The company declared its quarterly financial results on April 18. Its revenue or top line grew by over 65% year-on-year and by over 38% from the previous quarter. 


However, on the flip side, TV18 Broadcast’s loss in the quarter amounted to Rs. 51.73 crore. This was in stark contrast to the company’s financial results in the fourth quarter of the previous financial year — when it had declared a profit of over Rs. 35 crore. Following these Q4 results, TV18 Broadcast’s stock price declined by 2.87%. 



Now that you know the financial results of the top listed companies, you can revisit the stocks on your watchlist and see if you want to add some of these companies to your radar. While the companies that delivered good financial results may continue to ride on the current bullish sentiment, those that delivered less-than-stellar Q4 results may also witness a stock price rise if there are other favourable aspects to drive the demand. 


You can further explore the BSE and NSE Q4 results on the Research 360 platform from Motilal Oswal. In the platform’s ‘Results Analysis’ section, you will find various essential insights like the date of the Q4 results declaration, an overview of the company’s quarterly 

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