Unlocking Trading Potential: Exploring the Dynamic Features of TradingView's Research 360 Charts

Research 360 charts are powered by TradingView. These advanced charts offer a plethora of powerful features that make it a go-to choice for traders and developers alike.
30 Nov, 2023 07:12am

Here are some of the awesome features that set TradingView charts apart:  

•     Customizable Chart Types: 

o    Traders can choose from Candlestick charts, Bars, Hollow candles, Columns, Line, Area, Baseline & Heikin Ashi.
o    These various chart types allow users to visualize price movements according to their preferences.

•    Advanced Technical Analysis:  

o    TradingView's charting library is equipped with a comprehensive set of technical analysis tools, such as RSI, Fibonacci retracements, and harmonic patterns.
o    These tools enable traders to conduct in-depth analysis of price movements and identify potential trading opportunities.

•    Smart Drawing Tools:  

o    110+ smart drawing tools including trend lines, pitchforks, cross and much more.
o    These drawing tools can be locked, hidden or removed in order to have a closer look at the market.

•    Multiple Time Frames: 

o    Using multiple time frames (MTF) is a popular technique among traders to gain a comprehensive view of market dynamics and make more informed trading decisions.
o    Traders can use various time frames ranging from 1minute to 1week to track the direction of the markets.

•    Indicator Templates:  

o    Saving indicator templates on TradingView charts is a useful feature that allows traders to create and apply custom indicator settings quickly and efficiently across different charts

TradingView is the world’s top trading platform where you can track key events in the Real time economic calendar, read financial news, watch latest quotes, and more. 



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