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The screener helps to filter and find stocks that match certain predefined criteria — which includes things like price, volume, delivery, technical or fundamental metrics and more.





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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Put simply, Screener is a powerful tool that lets you filter through thousands of stocks based on your specific criteria. A screener for stock markets is crucial to know what stock to pick.

A screener in the share market is used as a kind of filter for specific companies that investors may be looking to invest in. Since there are literally thousands of stocks and companies to choose from, stock screeners help investors make the right choices. All investors have to do is enter a few parameters like ROI, RSI, etc. and the perfect stock will be shown by the screener.

On the Research 360 site, you can go to the “Screeners” tab and it will take you to a page to effectively use screener for stock markets. It uses a customizable set of 200+ screeners to help you quickly identify the stocks that meet your investment goals. To use the Screener, simply select the screener and its conditions that are important to you, such as Moving average in studies and indicators screener or price above previous day high in price screener and many more. The Screener will then display a list of stocks that meet your criteria’s, along with key metrics to help you make informed investment decisions.

Expert stock screeners are those that have been devised in such a way as to incorporate analysis by experts to help pick a stock that is suited to an investor’s requirements. Some of these have been created based on variables that use an expert’s knowledge and give results.

A stock screener allows an investor to sift through a plethora of stocks to invest in. It filters out any stocks that don’t fulfil an investor’s criteria for investment, and saves time and effort in choosing a stock.

A good screener in the stock market considers an investor's target investment metrics and comes up with stocks that match those qualities. Multi-screeners use more variables to determine whether stocks are a suitable match for investors. Multi-screeners use multiple screeners making a search for the right stock more comprehensive.

Parameters are certain factors on which buying a stock, or investing in it, are based. Conditions refer to certain criteria to be met to invest in a stock. A screener in the share market helps to bring together parameters and conditions that an investor is looking for in any stock, and locates the stock for the investor.

When you visit the homepage of Research 360, you can go to the tab, called “Screeners” where you will get the list of screeners on the left side and heart icon besides it. You just need to click on heart icon and same will be added as your favourite screener. You can track all your favourite screeners in My favourite option at the top in screener section.

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