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Kay Cee



-7.95 (-3.48%)

  • DRHP

Offer Price

₹ 15.93 Cr

Issue Size

₹ 1,08,000

Min Investment


Lot size

Time Line

  • 28
    Dec 2023
  • 02
    Jan 2024
  • 03
    Jan 2024
    Finalisation of Basis of Allotment
  • 03
    Jan 2024
    Initiation of Refunds
  • 04
    Jan 2024
    Transfer of Shares to Demat Account
  • 05
    Jan 2024
    Listing Date

Objects of the Offer

  • Setting up a manufacturing unit to diversify its business operations and become a fully integrated unit.

  • Maintain focus on EPC projects for construction and commissioning of EHV Transmission System.

  • Expansion of its geographical footprint and diversify its customer base.

  • The Company intends to enter into collaboration arrangements with other engineering and manufacturing companies to bid and execute large value projects and manufacturing.

  • Leverage core competencies with enhanced in-house integration and achieve optimal utilization of resources.

Products & Services

  • Kay Cee Energy & Infra Limited is an Engineering, Procurement and Construction ("EPC") company providing specialized services of commissioning EHV Power transmission lines to various government authorities and private entities.


  • Experienced Promoters and Management Team.

  • Long standing relationships with customers.

  • Efficient operational team.

  • Consistent financial performance.


  • Its revenues largely depends on acceptance of the bids submitted to the Government and other agencies. Its performance could be affected in case majority of the bids are not accepted / awarded.

  • The company is engaged in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) activity which is working capital intensive.

  • Its top five customers contribute majority of the company revenues from operations. Any loss of business from one or more of them may adversely affect its revenues and profitability.

  • Its failure to perform in accordance with the standards prescribed in work order of its client could result in loss of business or payment of liquidated damages and any delay in the schedule of its under-construction projects may be subject to cost overruns and can impact its reputation and future projects.

  • Its individual Promoters plays key role in its functioning and the company heavily relies on their knowledge and experience in operating its business and therefore, it is critical for the company`s business that its Promoter and Executive Directors remain associated with it. Its success also depends upon the services of the company key managerial personnel and its ability to attract and retain key managerial personnel and its inability to attract them may affect the company operations.

Company Promoters

Promoters Holding

Issue For IPO
Pre Holding


Post Holding


Top Promoters Holding


All values in Cr

Mar-2022 Mar-2023 Mar-2023 3-Yr trend
Revenue 49.59 (42.60%) 61.09 (23.20%) 25.13 (-)
Gross Profit 49.59 (42.60%) 61.09 (23.20%) 25.13 (-)
Net Income 49.59 (42.60%) 61.09 (23.20%) 25.13 (-)
Assets 49.59 (42.60%) 61.09 (23.20%) 25.13 (-)
Liabilities 49.59 (42.60%) 61.09 (23.20%) 25.13 (-)


Company Name Revenue (Cr) Net Profit (Cr) Assets (Cr) Liabilities (Cr) ROE EPS BVPS Current Ratio Debt to Assets
Viviana Power Tech Ltd 36.32 3.11 34.17 34.17 17.25 5.95 30.23 9.11 0.56
K E C International Ltd 17,281.71 176.03 18,668.55 18,668.55 4.66 6.85 146.69 0.94 0.85
Kay Cee Energy & Infra Ltd 61.09 5.51 48.40 26.49 25.13 0.00 876.54 1.95 0.47

Book Running Managers

  • GYR Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd

Registrar & Transfer Agent

Bigshare Services Pvt Ltd

Office No 56-2,
Pinnacle Busine.Park,
Mahakali Caves Road - Mumbai - 400093
Phone : 91-22-62638200 Fax: 91-22-63638299

Company Contact Information

9 Krishna Vihar Nanta Road,
Kunhadi Kotal In Ladpura,
Kota - 324001
Phone : +91 80009 79358 Email : info@kayceeenergy.in www.kayceeenergy.com

Offer Related Information

Initial public offer of 29,50,000 equity shares* of face value of Rs. 10/- each ("Equity Shares") of Kay Cee Energy & Infra Limited (the "Company" or "KCEIL" or "Issuer") at an issue price of Rs. 54 per equity share (including a share premium of Rs. 44 per equity share) for cash, aggregating Rs. 15.93 crores* ("Public Issue") out of which 1,90,000 equity shares of face value of Rs. 10/- each, at an issue price of Rs. 54 per equity share for cash, aggregating to Rs. 1.03 crores will be reserved... More

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