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Doms Industries



+65.20 (2.89%)

  • DRHP

Offer Price

₹ 1,200.00 Cr

Issue Size

₹ 14,220

Min Investment


Times Subscribed


Lot size

Time Line

  • 13
    Dec 2023
  • 15
    Dec 2023
  • 18
    Dec 2023
    Finalisation of Basis of Allotment
  • 19
    Dec 2023
    Initiation of Refunds
  • 19
    Dec 2023
    Transfer of Shares to Demat Account
  • 20
    Dec 2023
    Listing Date

Shares Offered

Number of Times Subscribed

Objects of the Offer

  • Expansion of manufacturing capacities.

  • Supplement its product portfolio in order to expand its addressable market size and capture higher consumer wallet share.

  • Strengthen its distribution network and expand its modern trade channels.

  • Undertake inorganic growth through acquisitions or strategic partnerships.

  • Strengthening the `DOMS` brands and enhance synergies.

Products & Services

  • The Company designs, develops, manufactures, and sells a wide range of stationery and art products.


  • Leadership position in the Indian `stationery and art material` industry with the widest range of products, driving rapid business growth.

  • Strong brand recall driven by high quality, innovative and differentiated products.

  • World class manufacturing infrastructure, with a focus on backward integration to drive efficiencies.

  • Robust multi-channel distribution network with strong pan India and international presence.

  • Strategic partnership with FILA enabling access to global markets and product know-how.


  • Product concentration risk - its derived a significant portion (approximately 60%) of the company Gross Product Sales in each of the last three Fiscals from the sale of its key products and a significant portion (more than 30%) of its Gross Product Sales in Fiscal 2023 is attributable to the sale of ooden pencils`. Any decline in the Gross Product Sales of its key products in general or specifically `Wooden pencils` could have an adverse effect on its business, results of operations and financial condition.

  • Distribution risk - the company is dependent on its "General Trade" distribution network for a significant portion (more than 70.00%) of its Gross Product Sales in each of the last three Fiscals. Failure to manage its "General Trade" distribution network efficiently could have an adverse impact on its business, results of operations and financial condition.

  • Brand and counterfeiting risk - Any deterioration of its brand image, reputation and its consumer`s awareness of the company`s brand and products could have a material adverse effect on its business, results of operations and financial condition. Further, the availability of look-alikes, counterfeit products, primarily in its domestic market, manufactured by other companies and passed off as its products, could also adversely affect its goodwill and results of operations.

  • Dependence on natural resources for raw materials - Some of the raw materials used in its production processes are natural resources and therefore the company is subject to the risk of depletion of such natural resources.

  • Supply risk - The company has not entered into any formal contracts or exclusive arrangement with its suppliers from whom its procure materials consumed by it for the company`s manufacturing process. Further, its dependent on certain limited suppliers for some of its raw materials. In the event, the company is unable to procure such materials at terms favourable to it, or at all, its business, financial condition and results of operations may be adversely affected.

Company Promoters

Promoters Holding

Issue For IPO
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Post Holding


Top Promoters Holding


All values in Cr

Mar-2022 Mar-2023 Mar-2023 3-Yr trend
Revenue 683.60 (64.60%) 1,211.89 (77.30%) 28.39 (-)
Gross Profit 683.60 (64.60%) 1,211.89 (77.30%) 28.39 (-)
Net Income 683.60 (64.60%) 1,211.89 (77.30%) 28.39 (-)
Assets 683.60 (64.60%) 1,211.89 (77.30%) 28.39 (-)
Liabilities 683.60 (64.60%) 1,211.89 (77.30%) 28.39 (-)


Company Name Revenue (Cr) Net Profit (Cr) Assets (Cr) Liabilities (Cr) ROE EPS BVPS Current Ratio Debt to Assets
Doms Industries Ltd 1,211.89 95.81 504.28 166.85 28.39 2,568.69 9,046.43 2.07 0.28
Kokuyo Camlin Ltd 774.94 24.45 442.26 442.26 9.31 2.44 26.18 5.52 0.21
Linc Ltd 486.76 37.40 237.46 237.46 21.10 25.15 119.16 15.74 0.00
Navneet Education Ltd 1,696.83 204.54 1,656.54 1,656.54 17.78 9.04 50.87 12.34 0.24
Flair Writing Industries Ltd 942.66 118.21 684.18 684.18 27.17 12.66 46.60 17.27 0.27

Book Running Managers

  • JM Financial Ltd
  • BNP Paribas Ltd
  • ICICI Securities Ltd
  • IIFL Securities Ltd

Registrar & Transfer Agent

Link Intime India Pvt Ltd

C-101 247 Park,
L B S Marg,
Vikhroli West - Mumbai-400083
Phone : 91-22-49186000 Fax: 91-22-49186060

Company Contact Information

J-19, G I D C, Opp Telephone,
Umbergaon - 396171
Phone : +91 74348 88445 Email :

Offer Related Information

Initial public offering of 15,196,510* equity shares of face value of Rs. 10 each ("Equity Shares") of Doms Industries Limited ("The Company" or the "Issuer") for cash at a price of Rs. 790^ per equity share (including a premium of Rs. 780 per equity share) ("Offer Price") aggregating to Rs. 1200.00 crores ("Offer"), comprising a fresh issue of 4,437,018* equity shares aggregating to Rs. 350.00 crores (the "Fresh Issue") and an offer for sale of 10,759,492* equity shares ("Offered Shares")... More


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