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Cosmic CRF



+129.80 (9.88%)


Offer Price

₹ 57.21 Cr

Issue Size

₹ 1,25,600

Min Investment


Lot size

Time Line

  • 14
    Jun 2023
  • 21
    Jun 2023
  • 26
    Jun 2023
    Finalisation of Basis of Allotment
  • 27
    Jun 2023
    Initiation of Refunds
  • 27
    Jun 2023
    Transfer of Shares to Demat Account
  • 30
    Jun 2023
    Listing Date

Objects of the Offer

  • Continue to focus on increasing our market share and expand our portfolio of products.

  • Exploring newer markets for wagons.

  • Expand our existing product portfolio.

  • Expand our customer base.

  • Strengthen our marketing network.


  • A reputed private sector manufacturer of cold rolled stainless sections in India.

  • Long term sourcing arrangements for components.

  • Strong focus on innovation.

  • Effective Cost Control Management.

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control of our products.


  • The company is required to obtain licenses and approvals under several legislations. Its inability to obtain or renew such permits, approvals and licenses in the ordinary course of its business may adversely affect its business, financial condition and results of operations.

  • There have been instances of delays of certain forms which were required to be filed as per the reporting requirements under the Companies Act, 2013 to RoC. Further, there have also been instances where our Company has inadvertently filed incorrect information with the RoC in its statutory filings.

  • The company depend on its customers and any decrease in revenues or sales from any one of its key customers may adversely affect the company business and results of operations.

  • An increase in the cost of or a shortfall in the availability of raw materials could have an adverse effect on its business, results of operations and financial condition.

  • The company may face several risks associated with the proposed expansion of its manufacturing unit, which could hamper the company growth, prospects, cash flows and business and financial condition.


All values in Cr

Mar-2022 Mar-2023 Mar-2023 3-Yr trend
Revenue -0.12 (-) 6.41 (5,441.70%) 121.49 (0.00%)
Gross Profit -0.12 (-) 6.41 (5,441.70%) 121.49 (0.00%)
Net Income -0.12 (-) 6.41 (5,441.70%) 121.49 (0.00%)
Assets -0.12 (-) 6.41 (5,441.70%) 121.49 (0.00%)
Liabilities -0.12 (-) 6.41 (5,441.70%) 121.49 (0.00%)

Book Running Managers

  • Horizon Management Pvt Ltd

Registrar & Transfer Agent

MAS Services Ltd

T-34 2nd Floor,
Okhla Industria Area,
Phase-II - New Delhi-110020
Phone : 91-011-26387281/82/83 Fax: 91-011-26387384

Company Contact Information

19 Monohar Pukur Road,
Kolkata - 700029
Phone : +91 810 086 2182 Email :

Offer Related Information

Initial public offer of 18,22,000 equity shares of face value of Rs. 10/- each ("Equity Shares") of Cosmic CRF Limited (the "Company" or "Cosmic CRF" or "Issuer") at an issue price of Rs. 314 per equity share (including a share premium of Rs. 304 per equity share) for cash, aggregating up to Rs. 57.21 crores ("Public Issue") out of which 91,200 equity shares of face value of Rs. 10/- each, at an issue price of Rs. 314 per equity share for cash, aggregating Rs. 2.86 crores will be reserved for... More

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