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Aatmaj Health



-0.40 (-1.45%)

  • DRHP

Offer Price

₹ 38.40 Cr

Issue Size

₹ 1,20,000

Min Investment


Lot size

Time Line

  • 19
    Jun 2023
  • 21
    Jun 2023
  • 26
    Jun 2023
    Finalisation of Basis of Allotment
  • 27
    Jun 2023
    Initiation of Refunds
  • 29
    Jun 2023
    Transfer of Shares to Demat Account
  • 30
    Jun 2023
    Listing Date

Objects of the Offer

  • Ultra-Modern Medicinal Practices.

  • Move to an asset-light model.

  • Increasing efficiencies across our healthcare facilities through integration and supply chain management.

  • Increase outpatient income by focusing on our ongoing day care products and introducing new day care offering.

  • Attract and retain prominent, skilled doctors.


  • Quality standards.

  • Experienced and professional management team.

  • Well diversified and specialty service offerings.

  • Ability to attract, train and retain quality doctors, consultants and medical support staff.

  • Strengthen hospital presence.


  • The company is highly dependent on its doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, as well as other key personnel and the loss of, or inability to attract or retain, such persons could adversely affect the company business and results of operations.

  • The company may generate revenue from the arrangements with government sponsored health schemes, any adverse change in these regulations/government policies related to such schemes may adversely affect its business, results of operations, cash flows and prospects.

  • The company medical professional staff consists of both employees as well as doctors on a consultancy basis. If such medical staff discontinue their association with it or are unable to provide their services at its of hospitals for any reason or if the company is unable to attract or retain such consultants/full time doctors, and other healthcare professionals, its business, results of operations and cash flows may be materially and adversely affected.

  • Delay in receipt of payment from its patients/customers may affect the company cash flows, which may, in turn affect its financial condition and results of operations.

  • The company face intense competition from other healthcare service providers. If its unable to compete effectively, its business, results of operations and cash flows may be materially and adversely affected.


All values in Cr

Mar-2022 Mar-2023 Mar-2022 3-Yr trend
Revenue 21.81 (26.40%) 27.16 (24.50%) 60.68 (-)
Gross Profit 21.81 (26.40%) 27.16 (24.50%) 60.68 (-)
Net Income 21.81 (26.40%) 27.16 (24.50%) 60.68 (-)
Assets 21.81 (26.40%) 27.16 (24.50%) 60.68 (-)
Liabilities 21.81 (26.40%) 27.16 (24.50%) 60.68 (-)


Company Name Revenue (Cr) Net Profit (Cr) Assets (Cr) Liabilities (Cr) ROE EPS BVPS Current Ratio Debt to Assets
Aatmaj Healthcare Ltd 21.81 4.92 13.28 5.17 60.68 0.00 60.07 1.55 0.39
Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd 1,650.82 332.68 1,907.35 1,907.35 23.98 41.88 176.27 17.44 0.12
Kovai Medical Center & Hospital Ltd 906.00 104.26 1,342.66 1,342.66 17.11 95.28 556.84 7.76 0.84
KMC Speciality Hospitals (India) Ltd 136.07 23.73 128.76 128.76 27.33 1.45 5.32 18.42 0.31

Book Running Managers

  • Nirbhay Capital Services Pvt Ltd

Registrar & Transfer Agent

Link Intime India Pvt Ltd

C-101 247 Park,
L B S Marg,
Vikhroli West - Mumbai-400083
Phone : 91-22-49186000 Fax: 91-22-49186060

Company Contact Information

JupiterHospital OppICAI Bhavan,
Sunpharma Ataladra Road,
Vadodara - 390012
Phone : 91-9714059465 Email : cs@jupiterhospitalsvadodara.com www.jupiterhospitalvadodara.com

Offer Related Information

Initial public issue of 64,00,000 equity shares of face value of Rs. 5/- each ("Equity Shares") of Aatmaj Healthcare Limited ("The Company" or "The Issuer Company") for cash at a price Rs. 60/- per equity share (including a share premium of Rs. 55/-per equity share) ("Issue Price") aggregating to Rs. 38.40 crores ("The Issue"), of which 3,21,000 equity shares of face value of Rs. 5/- each for a cash price of Rs. 60/- per equity share, aggregating to Rs. 1.93 crores will be reserved for... More

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